Experts agree that breastfeeding is valuable for both infant’s health and mother’s health. If you are having difficulty breastfeeding or have general questions, please call the office during business hours.

The following are some common problems women have while breastfeeding:

Mastitis is an infection of the breast that should be treated immediately with antibiotics. The following are signs of mastitis:

  • A discrete area of redness on the breast
  • Fever >100.4
  • Chills and body aches
  • Call the office right away for antibiotics
  • Continue to breastfeed

Plugged ducts occur if there is poor drainage from one or more milk ducts.

  • Very tender area of the breast
  • No fever
  • Warm compress, massage and ice are best to relieve the clog
  • Continue to breastfeed

Sore nipples often occur if the infant has a poor latch.

  • Red, painful, scabbed nipples
  • No fever
  • Can use lanolin to soothe
  • Call a lactation consultant to observe latch
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As part of our continued effort to reduce COVID-19 risks, starting 6/27/2022 patients may be accompanied to appointments by ONE person who must be masked (with a surgical mask) if >2 years old. For the first ob visit and any formal ultrasound we ask that the visitor be over 18 years old.