Many prescription medications (including some antibiotics and anti-depressants) are considered safe in pregnancy. Please consult with your prescribing doctor if you have questions about starting or continuing a specific medication. We are happy to review any questions you have about medications during your preconception and pregnancy consult visits as well.

As a rule, you may safely take any over the counter medication that does not contain ibuprofen or aspirin. Here are a few of the common over the counter medications you may need during the pregnancy.

Cold medications: Robitussin, Sudafed, Benadryl, Tylenol Cold (or Sinus), Dayquil/Nyquil

Allergy: Benadryl, Sudafed, Zyrtec, Claritin

Constipation: Colace, Metamucil, Miralax, Milk of Magnesia, Fibercon, *do NOT use suppositories or enemas unless prescribed by us

Hemorrhoids: Preparation H, Cortaid

Heartburn/reflux: Tums, Pepcid, Prilosec OTC, Zantac

Insomnia: Unisom, Tylenol PM

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