Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth is also known as “unmedicated” childbirth. As physicians, we are here to support our patients’ decisions whether or not they would like to have pain medication during their labor and delivery.

Ultimately, our goal is a healthy mother and a healthy baby!  To reach that goal, there are certain things that we feel are necessary when a patient is in labor.

All our patients must have IV access (a “hep-lock” is sufficient), they must have continuous fetal monitoring, they cannot labor or deliver in a tub and they must have pitocin through an IV after the baby is born.

Labor is a painful experience for most people but with the right preparation, the pain can be managed without medication.  We recommend that any patient interested in an unmedicated delivery begin the process of educating herself and her husband/partner as early as 20 weeks.

The hospital has comfort measure classes as does Bloom Yoga MotherMe and Birthways.

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As part of our continued effort to reduce COVID-19 risks, starting 6/27/2022 patients may be accompanied to appointments by ONE person who must be masked (with a surgical mask) if >2 years old. For the first ob visit and any formal ultrasound we ask that the visitor be over 18 years old.