Obstetric Testing

Most of the routine testing you will need during your pregnancy can be done in our office. Check with your insurance carrier to make sure they cover these types of services.

Labs: At your first visit, a panel of blood is drawn for routine testing including blood count, blood type, HIV status, Rubella, RPR, and Glucose. These results will be reviewed with you (and printed on a card for you to carry with you during your pregnancy) at your following appointment unless they are abnormal. No other labs are routinely done until 24 weeks with your gestational diabetes screen.

Ultrasound: At your first visit an ultrasound will be done with the physician to confirm your due date. The next routine ultrasound performed during pregnancy is done at 20 weeks. This is an anatomy screen to ensure that the baby is developing normally. If you'd like to find out the sex of your baby, this is the best time!

Gestational diabetes: Click here for detailed information about diabetes testing.

Rhogam: Patients with an Rh negative blood type (determined by labs done at the first visit) need an injection at 28 weeks to prevent any complications.

GBBS: Click here for detailed information about GBBS screening

Non-Stress Test (NST): Fetal monitoring done as necessary for a variety of different reasons


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Please click here for more detailed information about our office policies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As part of our continued effort to reduce COVID-19 risks, starting 6/27/2022 patients may be accompanied to appointments by ONE person who must be masked (with a surgical mask) if >2 years old. For the first ob visit and any formal ultrasound we ask that the visitor be over 18 years old.