The moment you find out you are pregnant can be the most exciting of your life-and when you find out you are having twins or triplets that excitement is multiplied! All the providers here at NSW are very comfortable taking care of these higher risk pregnancies.

We work in tandem with the maternal fetal medicine and neonatal specialists at Prentice providing you with the highest standard of care. Women who are pregnant with twins and triplets can more frequently develop diabetes, preeclampsia, preterm rupture of membranes and preterm labor so you will have more frequent office visits, more ultrasounds and potentially need to have hospital monitoring.

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Please click here for more detailed information about our office policies during the Coronavirus pandemic.

As part of our continued effort to reduce COVID-19 risks, starting 6/27/2022 patients may be accompanied to appointments by ONE person who must be masked (with a surgical mask) if >2 years old. For the first ob visit and any formal ultrasound we ask that the visitor be over 18 years old.